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Telecommunication/Data Networking
Touching the World with Intuition

Today, communication is everything.

As the word "online" becomes increasingly more relevant to the way we communicate, bank, shop, invest, travel, research, and explore our options, we count on high-speed internet access, satellite and wireless communication to touch the world.

CIS takes nothing for granted in designing simple, multi-line phone systems and networking options for your office or home.

A smart audio/video system offers greater security than ever before. Closed circuit television extends your vision to any part of your home or office - indoors or out, with the touch of your finger. With remote capabilities, this is possible wherever you are.

CIS is a leader in integrating telecommunication/networking technology. Supplying, installing and programming the fastest and most well designed systems on the market, CIS integrates them effortlessly into the daily routines of your home and business.