About CIS Custom Integrated Systems

As home integration evolves, when it comes to offering a range of specialized products and services, Custom Integrated Systems continues to reside on the cutting edge of technology. Whether it is residential or commercial automation, CIS focuses on the primary goal of every project, which his "Integration": CIS' ability to take all collective parts of the installation and harmonize them to work together in one well-designed system.

CIS understands that not every client is the same. This is why CIS offers their clients not only the highest quality of products and services but also, unsurpassed personalized attention, since every job is custom in nature.

With over 15 years of experience as industry specialists and their overall enthusiasm and professionalism, CIS can design, install and service any integration job. By being innovative and mutli-faceted in its industry, CIS continues its on-going pursuit of "closing the gap in technology".